Prestige Somerville Model Apartments: A Glimpse into Your Luxurious Future Home

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Experience the essence of your future home at Prestige Somerville through its fully furnished model apartments. These demo units serve as a tangible representation, allowing potential buyers to immerse themselves in the ambiance and make informed decisions about their preferred living space.

Prestige Somerville Project Highlights

Project Name: Prestige Somerville
Project Location: Old Airport Road
Total Land Area: 4.5 Acres
Total Units: 330 units
Total Towers: 2 Towers
Floors: G+17/18 floors
Units in a project: 2, 3, 4 bhks
Floor Plan Size: 1200-3200sqft dimensions
Pricing: 13-14k per sqft
Launching Date: Feb 2024
Possession Date: December 2028

Discovering Prestige Somerville Units Sizes and Price Range

What is Prestige Somerville?

Prestige Somerville offers fully furnished 2, 3, and 4BHK luxurious apartments to prospective buyers. These model apartments, showcasing floor plans ranging from 1200 sqft to 3200 sqft, provide a realistic experience of the living spaces. With prices ranging from 13,000 to 14,000 per square foot, investing in these apartments begins at approximately 1.56Cr for a 2BHK. Many investors see this as an exceptional deal considering the location, and early bookings may also offer advantageous maintenance charges.

A model representation of each apartment is available on the project site, empowering customers to choose units based on size and envision the utilization of space within their future homes.

Advantages of Prestige Somerville Model Apartments

What is Prestige Somerville?

Embracing Prestige Somerville Model Apartments comes with several advantages, including:
Visualizing Quality of Life: Model Apartments offer a tangible preview of the quality of life residents can expect.
Choosing the Right Size: Buyers can determine the ideal apartment size that suits their needs.
Furniture Placement Ideas: Model Apartments provide insights into the placement of furniture within the living space.
Previewing the Finished Product: Buyers gain a clear idea of the aesthetics and finishing of the final product.
Personalizing Interior Design: Future homeowners can make informed decisions about the interior design of their homes.
Understanding Layout and Sizes: Buyers can assess the layout and sizes of all rooms, aiding in decision-making.
Financial Planning: Once decided, buyers can immediately plan their finances for the chosen apartment.
Seeking Opinions: Buyers can share pictures of the model apartments with friends and family for valuable opinions.
Builder Transparency: Model Apartments serve as a transparent representation from the builder to the buyers and investors.

Model Apartments transcend being mere demonstrations; they are vignettes offering a glimpse into the prospective future of the buyers. At Prestige Somerville, we invite you to explore your future through the Prestige Somerville Model Apartments in Whitefield, envisioning the lifestyle that awaits you.

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