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Imagine a life where your luxurious haven seamlessly blends with effortless convenience. A place where you can unwind after a productive day at work, surrounded by nature's tranquility, yet with all the necessities of urban living at your doorstep. This isn't just a dream; it's the reality that awaits you at Prestige Somerville, a captivating pre-launch project nestled in the heart of Whitefield, Bangalore.

A Prime Location for Today's Professionals

Whitefield has emerged as a prominent IT hub in Bangalore, attracting professionals from various industries. Prestige Somerville understands the needs of today's workforce and boasts a strategic location that puts you at the center of it all.

  • Effortless Commute to Major IT Hubs: Imagine waving goodbye to long commutes! Prestige Somerville's proximity to key IT hubs like ITPL, Outer Ring Road, and Sarjapur Road ensures a stress-free commute. Whether you choose to drive or utilize the upcoming Blue Line Metro Station, reaching your workplace will be a breeze. This allows you to dedicate more time to the things that truly matter – family, friends, and personal pursuits.
  • Seamless Connectivity: The development's proximity to the existing Purple Line Metro Station and the upcoming Blue Line Metro Station connects you to various parts of Bangalore with ease. This extensive network allows you to explore the city's vibrant offerings, from bustling markets and cultural hotspots to historical landmarks and entertainment zones.
  • A World of Opportunities: Whitefield isn't just about IT giants; it's a thriving neighborhood with a plethora of opportunities. Renowned educational institutions for your children, world-class hospitals for your family's well-being, and a plethora of shopping malls and entertainment zones for your leisure – all lie within easy reach. Experience the best that Bangalore has to offer, right at your doorstep.

Live the Prestige Life in Unparalleled Comfort (1200-3200 Sq. Ft.)

Prestige Somerville offers more than just a convenient location; it provides a haven of unparalleled comfort designed to cater to a variety of lifestyles. With a collection of exquisitely designed apartments ranging from 1200 sq. ft. to a sprawling 3200 sq. ft., you can find your perfect sanctuary.

Sophistication Personified (1200-1800 Sq. Ft.):

Ideal for young professionals, couples, or those seeking a smart use of space, the 2 BHK apartments exude sophistication. Light-filled living areas flow seamlessly into well-appointed bedrooms, creating an atmosphere that feels both intimate and inviting. Picture cozy evenings spent entertaining guests in your tastefully designed living room, followed by a peaceful retreat to your private sanctuary.

Spacious Comfort for Growing Families (1800-2500 Sq. Ft.):

The 3 BHK apartments, ranging from 1800 to 2500 sq. ft., cater to the needs of growing families or those who crave a little more room to breathe. These abodes provide a canvas upon which you can create a haven that reflects your personality. Spacious living areas, well-appointed bedrooms, and often the inclusion of a dedicated study or den cater to the diverse needs of residents. Imagine movie nights with loved ones in the expansive living room, or quiet evenings curled up with a book in your dedicated den.

A Touch of Opulence (2500-3200 Sq. Ft.):

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, the 3.5 and 4 BHK apartments redefine grandeur. Imagine sprawling living areas designed for grand entertaining, master suites that feel like personal retreats with walk-in closets and lavish en-suite bathrooms, and ample space for each family member to unwind. These palatial residences are ideal for multi-generational families or those who simply desire an unparalleled sense of space. Envision hosting extravagant soirees in your expansive living area, or unwinding in your opulent master suite after a long day.

Beyond the Walls: A World of Luxury Awaits

Prestige Somerville goes beyond offering luxurious apartments; it's about the lifestyle that surrounds you. The sprawling 6-acre property boasts a meticulously planned layout, ensuring a perfect blend of urban sophistication with a serene natural sanctuary.

A Sanctuary of Tranquility:

Imagine stepping out your door and being greeted by lush greenery. With 70% of the property dedicated to open space, Prestige Somerville offers a haven of tranquility amidst the bustling city. Landscaped gardens, verdant walkways, and strategically placed trees create a calming environment where you can unwind and reconnect with nature.

A Paradise for Relaxation and Leisure:

Challenge yourself at the state-of-the-art gymnasium, equipped with cutting-edge equipment to cater to all fitness levels. For those seeking a more holistic approach to wellness, the on-site spa offers a variety of rejuvenating treatments. Imagine unwinding by the poolside with a good book, or indulging in a massage at the spa, all within the comfort of your own community.

A Hub for Social Connections:

Foster lasting friendships and connections in the beautifully designed clubhouse, the heart of social interaction at Prestige Somerville. Host elegant gatherings in the grand halls, perfect for celebrating special occasions with loved ones. Challenge your neighbors to a game of billiards or table tennis in the dedicated games room, or simply relax with a book in the serene reading lounge. The vibrant community atmosphere at Prestige Somerville fosters a sense of belonging, allowing you to connect with your neighbors and create lasting memories.

A Haven for Families and Fitness Enthusiasts:

Prestige Somerville recognizes the importance of family time and caters to residents of all ages. A dedicated children's play area, complete with engaging equipment and a safe environment, ensures that your kids have a space to explore, socialize, and have endless fun. Additionally, a dedicated jogging track amidst lush greenery provides a perfect space for residents to enjoy a morning jog or a peaceful evening stroll. Imagine spending quality time with your children in the play area, or starting your day with a refreshing jog surrounded by nature.

Unwavering Security and Impeccable Property Management

Prestige Somerville offers more than just luxurious amenities; it offers peace of mind. A dedicated team ensures the smooth operation and maintenance of the entire development, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

  • Unwavering Security: 24/7 security personnel and advanced surveillance systems ensure the safety and security of residents and their families. Imagine living in a secure environment where you can relax and unwind with complete peace of mind.
  • Impeccable Property Management: A dedicated property management team takes care of the day-to-day operations of the development, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free living experience. From maintenance to housekeeping, you can rest assured that everything is taken care of, allowing you to focus on your busy life.

By choosing Prestige Somerville, you're not just buying an apartment; you're becoming part of a prestige family. Prestige is a name synonymous with quality, trust, and innovation. With a proven track record of excellence, Prestige ensures that you're investing in a property that will provide lasting value for generations to come.

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